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  • Event: "Heart Monologues"
    Date: Wednesday 16 March 2022
    Time: 17:30 hrs 
    Room: Regent Street Cinema (tbc)

A creation by and with: Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani
Delphine Salkin (artistic co-direction)
Bridget Knapper, Robert Šantek (readers)
Emma Macpherson (assistant mise-en-scène)

"Heart monologues" is a 40-45 min long multi-sensory, multilingual recital based on Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani's poem sequence "Heart monologues" containing thirteen poems in French, English and Croatian. The recital combines words of multilingual poetry with music, sound, voice and image.

The recital will precede the projection of an international film (in the same space; details to be confirmed).

"Heart monologues" is part of The World in Westminster festival, 15-17 March 2022, Westminster University, London. In collaboration with: Westminster Learning Community on the Multilingual University.


Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani
is a London-based multilingual poet, arts practitioner and researcher of mixed heritage (Croatian father / Algerian mother) born in Zagreb. Her poems have appeared in various literary and poetry magazines in the UK including Molly Bloom, Pamenar Press and Tears in the Fence, and in literary magazines and journals in Canada and Croatia. She is the founder of the multilingual poetry project “Unbound” that received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Language Acts and Worldmaking Small grants programme in 2018 and 2019. 

Bridget Knapper is a founding director of the UK membership association for the international movement Economy for the Common Good which seeks a society where the goal is a good life for all. She has an MA in French and Francophone Studies and has previously worked as teacher and Modern Foreign Languages leader in primary schools. She is a freelance communications consultant. Bridget speaks French and German and enjoys collaborating on a range of creative projects.

Emma Inez MacPherson
is a student of politics and international relations at Queen Mary University of London. She is the Assistant editor of the student poetry magazine PEACH. She was born in Paris and currently lives in London; she is bilingual and speaks English and French.

Delphine Salkin is a theatre director, actress, author and creator for Radio France Culture (in particular) based in Paris. She wrote, directed and performed Interior Voices in Brussels (Théâtre du Rideau – December 2019) and she directed Abi Morgan’s play Splendour in Paris (Théâtre Malakoff / Théâtre de Sénart – January 2020 and on tour in France). She is the artistic director of the French theatre company Nonumoï

Robert Šantek is a freelance voice-over artist and radio host at Radio808, an online radio from Zagreb. He has worked as a translator, interpreter and screen writer for television gameshows. He grew up bilingual (Croatian and German) and is fluent in French and English. In his free time he sings in the Early Music Consort “Otium”.

Supported by: The Centre for Poetry, Queen Mary University of London.