Poetry collections

Knitting drum machines for exiled tongues, Dorset: Tears in the Fence, 2022 (£9.99 UK | £14.39 Overseas).

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The book contains text, images, drawings, and a QR code leading the reader to additional related content (multilingual glossary, video, and audio materials). With back reviews by Lyndon Davies and Jennifer K. Dick.

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Stride magazine, 'this isn't a palimpsest about loss', Mark Leahy

Knitting drum machines for exiled tongues, by Simon Collings, Tears in the Fence issue 77, Spring 2023, p. 127 - 130, read blog piece based on the full review here.

Knitting drum machines for exiled tongues, Silvia de Bruna, U. Lyon 2/U. Bologne) - read full review here.

    Reveries about language, Bolfek-Radovani, Jasmina (Mina Ray), printed for Language Acts and Worldmaking under the imprint of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, King’s College London (ISBN: 978-1-897747-36-0), 2019 (£8.99). 

    “Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani’s Reveries about Language explores the extraordinary condition of being a double exile. Her multilingual poems, employing English, French and Croatian, trace a journey of self becoming through language. Poetic space is created for contextualisation, philosophical and literary thought as well as polyphony and hybridity. The work is utterly contemporary, absorbing and beguiling.” (David Caddy, Tears in the Fence)

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