“Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani’s Reveries about Language explores the extraordinary condition of being a double exile. Her multilingual poems, employing English, French and Croatian, trace a journey of self becoming through language.  Poetic space is created for contextualisation, philosophical and literary thought as well as polyphony and hybridity. The work is utterly contemporary, absorbing and beguiling.” (David Caddy, Tears in the Fence, 2020) “

"With its startling imagery, fluid exploration of form and  multi-lingual approach to poetry, Reveries About Language is a quest into a poet’s own heart of darkness through which the colour and light of new realizations and thought-provoking ideas are refracted. At times gentle, in others brutal, it can be read as both a love letter and written warning that marks the ways language can propel an individual across the barriers of identity, time and space, and raises a question about how far each of us is at the mercy of words. An refreshingly unapologetic book from a striking new voice” (Helen Cox, Poetrygram, 2019). “

"Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray’s multilingual poem ‘Reveries about Language’ (in which Engish, Croatian and French each form another layer in the linguistic palimpsest) is the centrepiece of a journal which moves, reflectively and imaginatively, between languages” (Editors’ Note, The Still Point Journal, Issue 1, Nov 2015).

Selection of multilingual comments from the “Reveries about language” online poetry reading, 11 December 2020:

“A breath of fresh air!”

“Speaking as a mono-linguist I particularly enjoyed hearing the cadences and the rhythms of the French and Croatian language poetry.  Fascinating and surprising.”

“I am glad that because of Covid [the event] is happening virtually because it opens it to people like me on different continents. Thank you for this experience.”

“Real food for thought regarding belonging and identity, and ways of weaving different languages together.  At a time when many are feeling down about Brexit, and an ‘isolationist mentality’, a real tonic to be among people who clearly love to explore and express themselves in different languages. It lifted my spirits!”

“Le monde semblait à nouveau ouvert durant les « rêveries autour de la langue » partagées ce soir…”

“Jasminine pjesme su krasne, cak i kad slušam francuski koji ne razumijem, nekako dolaze riječi do srca. Sve u svemu ne samo da je bilo lijepo, nego i zabavno! Hvala još jednom!”