“Bound: for Amelia Rosselli”  series

Bound by time and space as a result of the 2020 lockdown, Jasmina created a mini series of soundscape poems “Bound: for Amelia Rosselli”. The creations was done in collaboration with musician and sound engineer Gary Bronham, and composer and music researcher Alan Chamberlain. The title poem "For Amelia Rosselli' was published in The Molly Bloom online magazine, May 2020.

The series is an homage to Amelia Rosselli, a trilingual poet and musicologist, and one of the most important Italian poets of the twentieth century. 

Tracks available on this page (from left to right / top to bottom):

1: "Bijelo" ("White" / "Blanc")
2: "[at the beginning there was sea]"
3: "For Amelia Rosselli" 

For a full list, go to Jasmina's Soundcloud page.

"HeartCoeurSrce" multilingual sound piece for the "Heart Monologues" performance, London, 2022

Sound piece was created by Delphine Salkin for the show "Heart monologues". With Pascale Salkin's "Autumn" music and heartbeats by Atau Tanaka ("Heart Beat Monitor").