Here you can listen to a selection of soundworks from the 2020 lockdown series "Bound: For Amelia Rosselli". In collaboration with Gary Bronham and Alan Chamberlain. Poetry by Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani. Reader: Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani.

From left to right / top to bottom:

Track 1: "Alžirska ruža" (Engl. "The rose of Algiers")
Track 2: "Bijelo" (Engl. "White")
Track 3: "For Amelia Rosselli" 
Track 4: "As if" 
Track 5: "In Nevers"
Track 6: "[at the beginning there was sea]"

“Bound: for Amelia Rosselli” is an homage to Amelia Rosselli, a trilingual poet and musicologist, and one of the most important Italian poets of the twentieth century. Rosselli was an exile and a poet of mixed heritage: Italian father and English mother. She was born in Paris in 1930; at the age of seven she lost her father who was prosecuted and murdered by the Mussolini’s regime. Her English mother was a political activist and her grandmother a Venetian Jewish feminist, playwright and translator. Amelia Rosselli died in Rome in 1996 after having committed suicide. 


"There is wind still and all efforts
fail to keep the clearing
steadfast in its design"

February opens
to rooms
emptied of their substance
on Piazza Navona

call me si je ne suis pas là-bas
if I am not appelle-moi there
chiamami se non ci sono

two cups broken in the shade of past mornings
the taste of salt in summer strawberry
I longing ate under sunshine
on the Piazza del Popolo
re-membering the moment your trilingual verses
disintegrated on
the page

we are machines that wake up
before other machines
the steps of our
shadow languages lost

mourning echoes of beauty
blowing in tree branches
on the windows of Piazza Costaguti
and Piazza Mattei
into dark
the forest of no time

(Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani, Molly Bloom online magazine, May 2020)